A man who died of natural causes last Thursday (1/19) in a Rockford area hospital is finally going to be able to rest in peace following the theft of a funeral home van that he was inside of.

According to a press release from the Winnebago County Coroner's office, last Thursday (1/19) the coroner determined that 47-year-old Curtis Brown died of natural causes at a Rockford area hospital

Brown's body was then released to the Collins and Stone Funeral Home staff on Friday (1/20).

The following day (Saturday) a Collins and Stone Funeral Home van was stolen from their location on North Johnston Avenue and was reported to be fleeing to Chicago.

On Sunday, the funeral home van was recovered but the body was missing.

Chicago Police found the body on Monday night (1/23) behind a vacant home in the 8200 block of South Manistee Avenue in Chicago, according to a press release.

The medical examiner's office in Cook County was notified of the body but refused to take custody so the Winnebago County Coroner responded to the scene where he took possession of the body for transportation back to Rockford.

The family of the deceased man was contacted about the incident and is currently working with a funeral home out-of-state to have his body returned to them in Mississippi.

A collaboration between the Chicago PD and the Rockford Police Department was crucial for the resolution of this case, and the investigation is being conducted by Rockford PD.

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