Yesterday my Mom gave me the task of bringing an appetizer to my family's Thanksgiving celebration. I am now on the hunt for delicious, yet super easy recipes. Here's a few I have found so far that make my mouth water.

Typically I bring an appetizer to all family gatherings. I think I get issued this duty because an appetizer is pretty hard to screw up. Normally I make beer bread paired with a yummy dip, but I feel like switching things up this year. Hopefully my family won't miss my famous beer bread. (Yes, I actually make it from scratch like this beer bread recipe Susan Tyler posted yesterday.)

I do realize that most of theses recipes aren't really appetizers and are more like desserts, but they look so delicious I had to share them. (My sweet tooth is obsessive.)

So, help me decide. Which appetizer should I bring for Thanksgiving this year? Comment with your choice below, or if you have a delicious and easy recipe, pass it on! I sure would appreciate it!