I have a confession. I tend to over do it when I decorate for the holidays. I can't help it. I love doing it. Thanksgiving, however, gets neglected in my house. A fact that became very obvious as I took down my Halloween decorations yesterday, and replaced them with my 5 measly Thanksgiving decorations. Time to up my game and get to DIY'ing.

Here's my problem with Thanksgiving decorations. Some of the turkeys, cornucopia, and pilgrims you come across are ugly. They look too old fashion for my taste, and they don't contain enough glitz and glitter. So, instead of complaining, I will make my own. I love these Thanksgiving decorating ideas, and they look super easy!

These projects should help us show Thanksgiving the love and appreciation it so richly deserves! Shame on me for neglecting you, Thanksgiving. Please forgive me.