Denny's new mascot is turning almost as many heads as it is stomachs.

The mascot has caused quite a stir because, uh, how do we put this eloquently? Well, there's really no pleasant way to say it, so let's just come right out with it: it looks like excrement.

Fecal matter is not really the type of image you want to project when trying to entice customers to eat at your restaurant, unless maybe your goal is to appeal to that dog demographic that make up about zero percent of the clientele.

And while the mascot is getting a lot of attention now, he's actually been around for a little while already, having drawn comparisons to South Park's infamous Mr. Hankey.

Whatever the reason Denny's went in this direction (read: down the toilet), the Twittersphere had a field day with the sight of the elongated brown fella.

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