Nearly 34 million Americans admit that they have been late making credit card payments and about 18 million people say they've missed making payments entirely. Are you one of them? Here are more findings from a credit card survey.


According to, you are not alone if you missed a payment, or are late paying your debt. About 92 million adults living in America gave themselves grades of C, D or F on their knowledge of personal finance. Eight out of 10 adults say they could benefit from advice and answers to everyday financial questions from a professional.

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Nearly 26 percent of Americans -- estimated at nearly 58 million adults -- admit they do not pay their bills on time, including people who sometimes miss a payment but have no debts in collection, those struggling to pay their bills but have no debts in collection, people who are getting calls from debt collectors and struggling to pay their bills, and those who are seriously considering filing for bankruptcy or have filed for bankruptcy in the past three years.

Nearly three-fourths of Americans (70 percent) say they pay their bills on time and have no debts in collection.

If you're trying to make ends meet, best advise from the survey is find a financial advisor sooner than later to make sure you are prepared for the future.