Whose guilty of sitting in your car with it car running while you fill your car up?

Yes, I have been guilty of that  or just sitting in the car with the engine off to stay out of the cold.

The Rockford Fire Department says that we need to pay attention when pumping gas  in the winter because we may wind up paying even more than we'd like.



Yikes I'd hate to pay a bill/ fine for having gas spill over because the timer didn't shut off and I was sitting in the car. Wouldn't you?

I guess for now on I'll brave the elements and tough it out.

Speaking of braving the elements is you car all set an prepared for winter? If not you can sign up to win Winter Car Emergency Kit through our "Win Stuff" tab on our website.

It's quick and super easy to sign up, in fact, here I've put the button below. Click on it and you can enter.




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