Ever heard those jokes about why some men own big trucks? I'm not going to open that can of worms in the article. Admittedly, I'm just jealous that I don't own a big bad--- truck. This week there was a recall and, based on personal experience, you don't want to deal with the possibilities.

Have you ever spotted a car on the side of the road resting at an awkward angle and then noticed it was missing a wheel? I'm not talking about a flat tire, I mean the entire while, rim and all, is missing. I always wondered how this happens and what is it like for the driver.

Two winters ago, in the middle of a snowstorm, I experienced this situation firsthand. I was driving along Route 2 headed to Rockford from Byron and my car was very shakey. I figured it was just the snow on the road or something. As it got progressively worse I turned around to head back home. Then, BOOM. I thought my suspension broke or something. The car was still drivable for about a mile or so and then I lost traction and couldn't move. After an hour and a half of waiting for a tow, a flatbed arrived, pulled my car onto its bed, and homeward bound we were.

When the vehicle was dumped in my drive I noticed the front right wheel was gone. It was missing. I can't articulate the question I asked out loud because I try to keep my articles safe for work, but a word that rhymed with "truck" was in the question. Turns out there was about a mile and a half distance between where my car was picked up from and where the tire was found. Impressive right? You don't want to deal with this.

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Well, if you own a 2012-2021 Dodge Ram you might want to have the wheel looked at immediately. According to WIFR, these include Ram 3500, 4500, and 5500s.

Fiat Chrysler, now owned by Stellantis, said some service and owner’s manuals had the wrong torque specifications for tightening the lug nuts that hold the wheels to the hubs. If the nuts were tightened too much, the wheel studs could be damaged and wheels could come off.

The report says owners will be contacted within two months and dealers will inspect the vehicle and replace wheel studs should it be necessary.

[h/t WIFR]

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