We are officially living in the future. Automated cars are on the docket and the great state of Illinois wants to have them on the road, like very soon.

Don't believe me? Check Autonomous Illinois. Archdaily says "the research initiative was announced by Governor Bruce Rauner's office."

The goal of Autonomous Illinois is "to be a national leader in the development and use of connected and automated vehicles (CAV)."

The belief is that in 5-10 years, Illinois will have automated passenger and commercial vehicles traveling side by side with standard cars, trucks, etc.

Can you imagine in only five years time, not needing to drive to work? You'll still need to get in the car but yeah, you won't actually do the driving.

Do you think we'll ever get there? More importantly, will you ever have enough confidence in a self-driving automobile to believe it will get you to where you need to go safely?

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