Moms, do you remember the excitement of browsing aisles filled with everything a tiny human could ever need when you were pregnant? Well, dust off your onesies and rattles because Kohl's in Illinois is bringing back the Babies 'R' Us experience to select stores!

Baby Paradise For Expecting Illinois Moms

Over 10 years ago when I was expecting my first child, Babies 'R' Us was my favorite store to get lost in. The clothes were adorable and the options were plentiful, even if it was slightly overwhelming to this first-time mom.

When I was expecting my second child just over 2 years later, I still loved Babies R Us for all the same reasons AND because it was connected to Toys 'R' Us which helped keep my toddler entertained.

In 2022 Toys 'R' Us made a comeback in Macy's stores, and now three years, it's Babies 'R' Us' turn...

Getting cute kids clothes at Kohl's has always been a thing, but soon expecting parents will be able to get all the gear babies need within the same walls too. We're talking cribs, strollers, bottles, diapers – the whole shebang!

What to Expect When Babies 'R' Us Arrives at Kohl's

Here's the coolest part, these won't be just random aisles thrown together. Kohl's is creating designated "Babies 'R Us" sections in five Chicago-area stores. Imagine it; a curated space filled with everything on your baby registry, alongside the amazing deals Kohl's is known for. (Hello, Kohl's Cash!)

This news isn't just a win for parents, it's a win for nostalgia!  Venturing into those stores as a new parent was an adventure, and this partnership with Kohl's brings back a touch of that magic. (Take a look at the catalog of items for sale, here).

When Will Babies 'R' Us Arrive in Kohl's Stores?

While an official opening date is under wraps, rumor has it these Babies 'R' Us experiences" will be rolling out to stores in fall 2024.

Here are the Illinois Kohl's stores schedules to welcome the Babies 'R' Us experience  as of now according to NBC Chicago: (locations subject to change)

  • 4220 North Harlem Avenue in Norridge, IL
  • 9350 Joliet Road, in Hodgkins, IL
  • 303 Illinois Route 83 in Elmhurst, IL
  • 2140 North Elston Avenue in Chicago, IL
  • 251 North Randall Road in Batavia, IL

Click here to see the list of all the Kohl's stores that will be getting a Babies 'R' Us this fall.

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