Planet Fitness, the land of lunk alarms and free pizza Fridays, is raising prices on their classic membership for the first time in over two decades, but this news isn't as bad as it seems.

The Best Thing About Having a Planet Fitness Membership

I got a Planet Fitness membership shortly after this first gym opened in Rockford, Illinois, (I can't remember what year that was), and what I love most about it is is only costs me $10 a month. Heck, even Tim McGraw likes Planet Fitness!

Now, am I a Planet Fitness member because I love working out and having a gym membership for such an affordable price? Nope.

I like having it IN CASE I feel like working out, and when I don't get there often I don't feel like I'm wasting a ton of money. (Basically, Planet Fitness has been making free money off me for decades. LOL)

If Planet Fitness' $10 a month price tag is the only reason you too occasionally drag your behind to the gym, brace yourselves, because those days of guilt-free gym membership are about to get a whole lot more guilt-inducing.

Planet Fitness And The Judgement Free Generation
Tommaso Boddi; Getty Images

Planet Fitness Is Raising Membership Prices Soon

According to USA Today;

Planet Fitness will have a heavier lift this summer – the fitness chain is raising its basic membership price for the first time since 1998.

So just how bad will this "heavier lift" be? Five more dollars a month...but wait, there's a silver lining for current Planet Fitness members.

Will Planet Fitness Raise Membership Prices for Current Gym Members?

If you currently have a basic membership at Planet Fitness, here's the good news; your monthly fee will NOT be going up!

USA Today reports Planet Fitness' Chief Financial Officer Thomas Fitzgerald as saying;

Current members paying $10 per month will not see a price change "for the duration of their membership" .

Well that's good news at least!

Will Planet Fitness Be Raising Prices On All Memberships?

While an official date for when basic membership prices increase has not been released yet, we do know that it will happen sometime this summer for new members.

As for the VIP, aka. "Black Card" members, no price increases have been announced yet, BUT the company did say they "will do tests on increased prices for the Black Card membership at about the same time this summer when the classic card membership price increases" according to USA Today.

Planet Fitness via Facebook
Planet Fitness via Facebook

Will Planet Fitness' price increase be enough for you to reconsider your ambitions to get in shape? They really hope that answer is "no".

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