This is an actual way to determine if someone is obsessed with their truck. Is this you?

Ok, so maybe "obsessed" is a bit extreme, but if you fit three out of five of these descriptions you really do love your truck.

1. Your truck's name is Betsy or Big Red. Don't worry, those are the two most popular names owner's truck.

2. You use your truck in ways to help others. You've probably used it to make a piece of furniture or two.

3. You treat your truck as though it is a member of your immediate family.

4. The first vehicle you learned how to drive was a truck.

5. If you agree your truck makes you more attractive, you're in love with it.

Also, if your truck is red you are automatically considered in love with it. Do you know someone that is ridiculously in love with their truck, car, or another vehicle? Tell me about it in an email.

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