The Rockford Park District is looking for well qualified restaurants at two key facilities. Here's how to submit your request proposals. 


According to a report from WREX TV13, space is available at the Indoor Sports Center at 8800 E. Riverside Boulevard, in Loves park for the upper level skybox.  The Park District says it would like to have a restaurant operator in place at ISC no later than November 1.

Space is also available at the new Sportscore Downtown upper level area at 301 S. Water Street.  The facility is under construction and is expected to open in the summer of 2016.

Ezra Shaw, Getty Images

The option to have food and beverages at these two locations has been one considered for a while by the Rockford Park District. The public will benefit from these additions.

The bid process is on the Rockford Park District web site at

Good luck and get ready to chow down soon at your next event with the Rockford Park District.