For almost two decades Pabst beer has not been brewed in Milwaukee, but that's all changing this April when Pabst brewing returns to it's original location on W Juneau Ave. in Milwaukee.

According to the Journal Sentinel, Pabst Brewing Co. will be opening a new brewery, taproom and restaurant called Pabst Milwaukee Brewery mid-April of 2017. The historical brewery building it will be housed in has roots in the Pabst empire since 1898, when it was originally purchased by Pabst from the German Methodist church. Here's what you can expect to enjoy during a visit to the Pabst Milwaukee Brewery according to the Journal Sentinel;


Master brewer Greg Deuhs and John Kimes, a senior staff brewer, expect to brew 4,000 barrels a year at the site. The beer list will include historical beers such as Andeker and Old Tankard; traditional beers such as Dunkelweiss; and contemporary beers such as a Northeast IPA, all produced in the basement. Pabst Blue Ribbon will be available on tap at the taproom. The main floor will hold the taproom and an upscale gastropub with a locally sourced, beer-infused menu. The choir loft will also be open to seating. A beer garden is planned for the south end of the building.


Is it bad that Pabst Blue Ribbon reminds me of my childhood? Not in a sad, tragic way, but in a good, memorable summertime barbecue kind of way. I envision many a trip up to Milwaukee to check this out with my Dad in my future.


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