If you don't have plans this weekend, have you considered just going for a drive?

If you live in Illinois, you're in luck. Because it looks like we have plenty of great backroads totally perfect for a cruise.

Only In Your State laid out the 10 Best for a Long Scenic Drive in Illinois, and one of those roads is not far from Rockford.

If you want to take the cruise, all you need to do is start heading south from Rockford toward Dekalb and Rochelle.

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Only In Your State:

At just over 153 miles, this road spans the Illinois section of U.S. 30 which connects Iowa and Indiana. Along the way, you'll see Ronald Reagan's childhood home, a railroad park, and other historic landmarks and attractions that only backroads can offer. In Illinois, the highway begins in Chicago and cuts through the suburbs before heading straight to Fulton.

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In Rochelle, the Lincoln Highway is actually IL-38, which goes on through "Franklin Grove, the location of the National Headquarters of the Lincoln Highway Association. The highway continues west on IL 38 through Dixon. Visitors should be sure to stop at the Lincoln Monument located here." according to the Lincoln Highway Association.

Lincoln Highway is so important to Rochelle, they actually hold a yearly festival named after the famous road.

Yep, it's called Lincoln Highway Heritage Festival, and in case you're wondering, it's happening this year on Saturday, August 21.

Who knows, if you hold off on the Lincoln Highway trek for just a few months, maybe you can hit up the festival on your way.

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The big question though, Picking up the Lincoln Highway in Rochelle essentially puts you in the middle of the route.

Which way do you go? Iowa or Indiana?

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