Our dude. The Summer 2019 Chicago gator. The man himself. Chance The Snapper.

He left us to go to a Florida Zoo not too long ago, but we're still not over our state's new mascot. We continue to learn fun facts about Chance's rescue mission that had the whole state of Illinois invested.

Turns out catching an Alligator is not a cheap task. WTVO details -

The city of Chicago’s efforts to wrangle an alligator who was found living in a park lagoon this summer cost more than $33,600. Most of the costs arose from city workers putting up and removing barricades to keep people away from the lagoon in Humboldt Park after the male reptile was first spotted there last month. Florida trapper Frank Robb captured the 4- to 5-foot long (1.2- to 1.5-meter) alligator on July 16. Officials say a $2,500 fee went to Robb. He also received $2,166 for travel and lodging.

I mean hey, it's Illinois, of course it's expensive! We miss you Chance, and we hope you're enjoying your new sunny home.

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