Right now The Salvation Army Bell Ringers are out in full force collecting money for people in need all over Winnebago County. I always try to throw a little something in the kettles when I see them outside a store, but the truth is, I very rarely carry cash on me.

In fact, most people don't carry a lot of cash on them these days, so that is exactly why The Salvation Army is adding QCR code stickers to their Red Kettles this year.

According to wrex.com;

The stickers contain microchips that allow users to make a donation via Apple Pay or Google Pay as they tap their phone against the tag. Donors will be directed to a custom form where they can make a gift of their choice.

The technology is compatible with iPhone X and iPhone 11 models, and most Android phones. A QCR code will be available to scan on earlier model phones.

Red Kettles will also be out at the Lou Bachrodt Auto Mall this Friday (December 6) during the annual Q98.5 12 Hours of Salvation Army Toy Drive, so have your smart phone ready to donate when you drop off a toy of 2 to place under the tree. Can't wait to see you soon, and thank you!

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