Sounds challenging: converting a factory production snowmobile to run on a new bio-fuel.
Students with the Northern Illinois University Clean Snowmobile team have been tasked with that challenge.

Their objective? Converting a factory production snowmobile to run on a new bio-fuel.

The team is gearing up for this weekends 2015 competition in Houghton, Michigan where they will compete against 20+ universities from the U.S. and around the world! It's the SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge

The team from NIU will be leaving for the competition on Saturday morning (2/28). The competition will take place from March 2nd -7th. The team will be competing against more than 20 different universities.

This year’s fuel is an Iso-Butanol gasoline mixture. The team from NIU is also looking to raise funds to cover our travel expenses and week long stay in the Upper Peninsula which would otherwise be funded out of our team member’s pockets. The competition experience is a great way for our team to network with members of the engineering community to not only share knowledge, but to also make connections to members of industry for post college endeavors. If you would like to help out, Click HERE.

Photo Courtesy of NIU Clean Snowmobile

We them the best! Good luck Team NIU!