It was just a few weeks back that we learned about a dangerous new challenge that TikTok users were being exposed to. That was the "Benadryl Challenge." Now, we've got another one.

And, while the new challenge isn't as dangerous as the Benadryl Challenge (which has been tied to overdoses and death), it's one that can cause some serious, painful, life-long problems afterwards.

Have you heard about the TikTok Teeth Filing Challenge?

I just picked up on this one a few days back, while scrolling through a social media feed. It's pretty much what the title describes it as being. Filing your teeth with a nail file/emery board in an effort to make them more even.

Okay, so the pandemic is forcing all of us into more DIY (Do It Yourself) stuff, I get it. We're cutting our own hair, filing our own nails, etc. We shouldn't be taking care of our own dental work at home. What's next, filling a cavity with Fix-a-Flat?

As you might imagine, dentists are horrified by this practice. Not because they're losing out on business (because they'll get plenty once the people filing their teeth see what kind of damage they've done), but because when you file off the enamel, it doesn't grow back. Also, when you alter the shape of your teeth, you're also altering your bite, which can impact your jaws and lead to headaches. There's also the hyper-sensitivity you'll get from the enamel loss. Every hot and/or cold beverage is going to give you a new perspective on mouth pain.

Talk your kids or grandkids out of this one.


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