Scammers are certainly smart and dirty tricksters. Apparently their newest scam is preying on every workers fear of getting in trouble with their boss, and no surprise, people are falling for it.

I don't know about you, but when I see my boss's name appear in my email feed I know that I need to answer that email ASAP. No one is going to ignore an email from their boss, but now the Better Business Bureau is saying maybe we should according to this video from WIFR;


After doing some Googling, it seems like the majority of the messages from "bosses" that people fell victim to were asking for bank or W-2 information for work purposes. I'm pretty sure no employer should be asking for that information to be sent over email, so if you receive an email like this, always verify the question over the phone or in person with the individual who the email came from. NEVER reply to the email with the information asked for, and please don't use this scam warning as a reason to begin ignoring all emails sent by your boss.

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