Shopping at a grocery store should be considered a sport. From the couponing to making the most of the deals, it can be a great way to save money if you just try.  So when you make a purchase, and it goes bad within a few days, you probably get upset you spent money on it. Well, not anymore.

Meijer has announced its rolling out a new app to cut down on waste with up to half-off prices on food that’s close to expiring. How does it work? WGN details -

The initiative allows customers to purchase food nearing its sell-by date,like meat, produce, seafood, deli and bakery products – at up to 50 percent off on the Flashfood app, and then pick them up at Meijer stores.

So it doesn't just work exactly like a normal trip to the store but it sounds super easy. According to WGN -

Customers go to the app, select a Meijer store, choose the items they want to purchase and pay for them directly on the app at up to 50 percent off. Then, they go in store to pick up their items and confirm their order with customer service. The purchased food is stored in a refrigerator or storage rack located in the front of the store until picked up by the customer.

Meijer plans to expand the app to each of its 246 stores by the end of 2020 with rollout beginning the end of February.

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