It seems like this is a big week for recalls, especially those involving fruit.

Earlier this week, we posted the story about the recall of pre-cut fruit at Walmart over worries about listeria. Now, we're looking at another recall, this time involving Meijer stores and cantaloupe.

Meijer has issued a multi-state recall for whole cantaloupe and select cut cantaloupe fruit trays and bowls over concerns that the products may be contaminated with salmonella. The products were sold between September 26th and October 5th at Meijer stores throughout Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky and Wisconsin, according to a recall notice posted on the FDA’s website.

The recall notice said Meijer may have used cantaloupe ingredients that originated from Eagle Produce LLC in store-made products. The following products are packaged in a clear plastic container under the Meijer brand label and are included in the recall:

9450 – Gas Station Mixed Melon Chunk Cup
9505 – Gas Station Mixed Fruit Cup
9644 -  Gas Station Cantaloupe  6 oz
21921000000 – Fruit Frenzy Bowl 40 oz
21921400000 – Fruit Tray
21924800000 – Fruit Tray with Dip
21932300000 – Cantaloupe Chunks Large PLU 4960
21933400000 – Mixed Melon Chunks Large Bowl
21933700000 – Mixed Melon Chunks Small Bowl
21960100000 – Fruit Frenzy 16 oz Bowl PLU
21971100000 – Strawberry/Pineapple Cup 6 oz
21971200000 – Mixed Fruit Cup 6 oz
21971700000 – Berry Explosion Cup 6 oz
21971800000 – Mixed Melon Chunk Cup 6 oz
21984400000 – Mixed Melon Cup
22012400000 – Mixed Fruit Cup
22019600000 – Cantaloupe Chunks Small Bowl
22020000000 – Fruit Frenzy 32 oz Bowl PLU 1
22021900000 – Cantaloupe and Honeydew Slices
22022000000 – Mixed Melon Slices
22045000000 – Fruit Palooza
22045200000 – Melons & Berries
22045300000 – Triple Treat & Melon
22061600000 – Cantaloupe Chunks Large Kosher
22061700000 – Cantaloupe Chunks Large Kosher
28873400000 – Fruit Salad

It should be noted that there have not been any reported illnesses related to the recalled products, and that customers who have those recalled products should either throw them away, or return them to Meijer for a full refund.


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