Are you like me and often wonder how you made it through life before you had an air fryer? It's not that my family eats a massive amount of fried foods, BUT I have 2 young kids who think chicken nuggets are life, so having an air fryer is a convenient necessity for us.

Ultrean Store via Amazon
Ultrean Store via Amazon

It seems like you can buy an air fryer from pretty much any store these days, but if you purchased an air fryer at Best Buy anytime between November 2018 and February 2022, you might get a little fried over the news I am about to tell you.

Best Buy Air Fryers Recalled After Catching Fire and Injuring Users

Best Buy is nationally recalling several models of the Insignia Air Fryers sold in its stores, including Illinois, after people reported dangerous problems with the units overheating. According to ABC 7 in Chicago's article;

the recall comes after Best Buy received more than 100 reports in North America of the products catching fire or melting. Two people, including a child, were injured.

This nationwide recall affects 600,000 Insignia Air Fryers sold at Best Buy stores and includes these model numbers sold in the United States, (model numbers can be found on the underside of the unit);  NS-AF32DBK9, NS-AF32MBK9, NS-AF50MBK9, NS-AF53DSS0, NS-AF53MSS0, and NS-AF55DBK9. The recall also included Air Fryer ovens with these model numbers:  NS-AFO6DBK1 and NS-AFO6DSS1.

What To Do If You Own a Recalled Air Fryer

The most important thing to know if you have a recalled unit is that you CANNOT take it back to the Best Buy store you bought it from and receive a refund. You HAVE to register for a refund here. After you register, and Insignia has verified you own a recalled unit, you will receive an electronic gift card for Best Buy.

To see pictures of all recalled units, click here.

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