We all have one- a close friend who has a "bad picker." Or some instances, it's pretty much broken. Know what I mean?

Think of the one girl in your circle of friends that just can't seem to pick the right guy for her; she always seems to fall for the guy who doesn't have a job, lives at home with his mom, can't drive and is unemotionally available...but he's "going through a lot and just needs to figure things out."

For me, that's my friend Stephanie. I love her so much but her choices in men are horrible and she knows it; which is why every time I visit her in Minneapolis, she lets me play around with all four dating apps she's using. Yep, four.

I spend hours swiping right and left, even chatting with some of the guys on her behalf; it's actually a lot of fun. That's why I'm going to recommend that she download the new Wingman app.

If you have a friend like Stephanie, you'll want to download it too. Mashable says that it's basically a digital matchmaker where other people, like yourself, get to talk your friend up and then you send the dates that you approve of.

The app requires two people in order for it to work- the person trolling for dates and the person they trust to help them find and pick the potential suitors. If you're the person who wants to pick the dates, then you need to download the app and get your single friend to accept your invite to play along.

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