Several years back when the vehicle charging stations were put in at the CherryVale Mall I remember thinking, "do that many people in Rockford really own electric cars?!?"

The number of electric car owners may have been far fewer back then, but they have no doubt grown tremendously in recent years, and I'm guessing that is why Rockford may be home to a new Tesla showroom soon.

To this day, I still do not know much about electric cars except that Teslas look awesome and are likely way out of my price range, but hopefully that will all change soon...

According to;

A new and used Tesla showroom is coming to the Forest City.

The showroom will also include a repair facility. It is set to take the place of the former Gander Outdoors on McFarland Road off of Perryville Road.

Before you start pinching your pennies to buy a new Tesla, there are still a few hoops to jump through before the new showroom is a done deal. WIFR reports that a public hearing of Tesla's application for the space will take place with the Rockford Zoning Board of Appeals on February 17, and if all goes well, the company hopes to have the new showroom open by the Fall of 2021.

Now the only question left is; will they put up an enormous American Flag in front of their showroom just like Gander Mountain did? I sure miss seeing that each time I drive down Perryville Road.

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