The reason behind the new moldy Burger King Whopper is fine, but the visual might kill your appetite. At least, that's happened to me.

Apparently, Burger King is no longer adding preservatives to its Whopper and there's a chance you might have already consumed one. BK's Restaurant Brands International Global Chief Marketing Officer Fernando Machado said it's all about the taste, according to FOX 6, Milwaukee.

We believe that real food tastes better. That’s why we are working hard to remove preservatives, colors, and flavors from artificial sources from the food we serve in all countries around the world.

This new Burger King ad's message is clear, there are no more preservatives in the Whopper. To prove it they filmed a whopper from conception and what would it look like 34 days later. It's what food nightmares are made of.

Perhaps the Youtube description will make you rethink all the additives and preservatives you're constantly putting into your body.

the beauty of real food is that it gets ugly. that’s why we are rolling out a WHOPPER® that is free from artificial preservatives. isn’t it beautiful? #NoArtificialPreservatives

If you're a true Whopper-lover this visual won't stick inside your head too long. Hopefully.

Mmmm, now I'm hungry. - No one, ever.

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