Any parent of young kids likely has a love/hate relationship with "Baby Shark". My two-year-old has recently discovered a whole 120 minutes of non-stop Baby Shark medleys that she watches every chance she gets. We're talking Halloween Sharks, Christmas Sharks, Disco Sharks, Valentines name it, PinkFong has thought of it, and I may soon lose my doo doo doo doo doo doo mind.

Safe to say, I am over the Baby Shark craze, but I think I just saw something that makes me cringe more than when I hear the first few bars of Baby Shark come on, and it's all thanks to a Q98.5 listener named Andrea Cola.

You see, Andrea heard us talking on the radio about a new Baby Shark Ab Challenge that's sweeping YouTube right now, and she decided to try it for us. Andrea owns a cross-training gym in Janesville called Rendered Barbell and Fitness, so we knew she would be up to the task.

JB and I nearly passed out just watching Andrea doing the Baby Shark Ab Challenge. We are not ashamed to admit we are way too fat (and lazy) to even attempt this...are you?

I want to leave you with one last thing...simply because I want you to fully understand the Hell that is my life when it comes to Baby Shark, and because well, it's Halloween. You're welcome. 😂😂😂

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