Amazon is rolling out a new service for Prime customers and I'm not sure I'm comfortable with it, no matter how "secure" it might be. It's called Amazon Key and it's basically letting a stranger drop off your (likely) not-needed item that was purchased out of boredom. Amazon makes it seem like a "safe" option.

The package (that'll cost you $250 upfront) includes a cloud security cam and an Amazon Key-compatible security door lock. When your package is delivered you'll be able to watch delivery person set it inside your home.

According to Amazon,

We’ll send notifications the morning of delivery, just before, and right after. Watch your delivery happening live or view a video clip of it later.

Ummmmmm, I can barely handle a babysitter chillin' in my house. I can't imagine how many times I'd be checking that camera to see what is happening. I'm not saying Amazon hires bad people, in fact, If I were an Amazon Key delivery person and I was in dire need to go to the bathroom I might just look for a bathroom. It's safe to assume that would be a big no-no.

Would you use this service?

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