Some people feel the government involvement in citizens' health should be minimal. "I'm an adult, I can make my own decisions," is often heard when it comes down to a new ban or regulation on something that is legal. A recent example of this is the new soda tax in Cook County which, according to lawmakers, might help detour people from consuming so much of the sugary beverage. People were mad, and now Chicago suburb is smokin' hot over a new possible ban.

Elk Grove Village Mayor Craig Johnson is behind banning tobacco sales in the village. Banning and is no more, just to make sure you and I are on the same understanding. And, I'm not a smoker but, this seems a bit much don't you think? Keep in mind, Elk Grove Village is in Cook County, where there's already soda tax. Sure, pop hasn't been banned but smoking has.

According to WGN, some business owners are worried a possible no tobacco sales ban will cost them their business. Nothing is set in stone yet. City officials will review the ban in a couple of months.

The city council will take up the measure at it’s December 13th meeting.

If Rockford had a "no tobacco sales ban" would people in the state line give up the bad habit?


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