You never know what you might find in your attic. For one Illinois family that "something" was an 'old war relic' that resulted in a call to the bomb squad.

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I first saw this story shared by ABC 7 in Chicago. It's a report from Westchester, Illinois where the city confirmed something that looked like an old grenade was found in a home in the 1500 block of High Ridge Parkway.

The Village of Westchester announced in a Facebook post on September 7 the following:

Westchester Police responded to the 1500 block of High Ridge due to an old war relic being located in the house. As a precautionary measure the Cook County Bomb Squad was notified to remove the item from the home. Please avoid the area while police work to secure the item.

Fortunately, they announced a few hours later that police had successfully removed the item. The work was reportedly done by the Cook County Bomb Squad. There's been no information shared about how the old war relic ended up in the home or exactly what it was, but it is believed to be an old grenade. Pro Tip: don't pull the pin out.

This isn't as unusual as you'd think as an almost identical situation happened a few years ago in another home.

The Village of Westchester Facebook page would be a good place to follow for updates on how this old war item ended up in their part of Illinois.

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