A bungee rope on a ride called the Catapult in the Wisconsin Dells snapped Wednesday, slamming into the concrete.

This is our son Trevor Larson and Carrie Sueker attempting to ride the catapult at MT Olympus at the Wisc Dell's! Wait till you see this!!!

Posted by Dru Larson on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Talk about a close call. Imagine you're about to get catapulted into the air on one of those bungee chord rides; your heart's beating a mile a minute and your spouse isn't helping matters by making sarcastic remarks about the chords being frayed and having life insurance. You're strapped, ready to go and the ride operator is about to give you the countdown to release and then the bungee chord snaps and comes within a foot of hitting your child.

That's exactly what happened on Wednesday when Carrie Sueker agreed to join 13-year-old Trevor Larson on "The Catapult" – a bungee cord ride that sends riders into the air before bouncing them.

Sueker and Larson were strapped in and ready when suddenly – the bungee cord came crashing down beside them, creating a hole in the asphalt beside their chair.

Nope, nope, nope. This is why I won't go on these rides. You go to these places and expect to be safe and then something like this happens. This family is very lucky that it didn't launch and then snap. I commend them for handling it so well, but that's just how those of us from Minnesota handle these types of situations.