Koritz Field in Rochelle is going to be busy this fall as it will be the host for the national skydiving competition for the United States Parachuting Association National Championships of Wingsuit Flying.

For the first time ever, Rochelle's airfield has been selected to be the hosts for this week long event coming this September 28th through October 4th.

In this WRHL news report, the "Chicagoland Skydiving Center, based at Koritz Field, recently received word that they will host the United States Parachuting Association National Championships of Wingsuit Flying."

CSC Operations Manager Mike Wood said they are excited about hosting their 1st national skydiving competition.  There will be two events: One will involve two skydivers in different formations. The other is the performance cup that deals with speed, time, and distance. Each skydiver has a GPS on their helmet for the event.

They're expecting between 80 to 100 competitors from around the U.S. and other countries to be in Rochelle for that week.

Wow! that's pretty cool. I love to see exciting things happening in my old stomping grounds.

Plus, if you've never been to the Flight Deck restaurant which is there at the air field you need to go. Not only because the food is so awesome (I highly recommend their fried pickles with ranch sauce), but you can sit and watch the skydivers while you dine. It's really fun.

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