Because pics of a cute baby will always get you a "yes," right?

Here's the deal. The days of simply walking up to a person and asking them to go to prom with you is waaaay old school. The kids these days are all about the "promposal," and I gotta say I am digging it. No matter how cheesy, extravagant, or creative they are, I love them all. Check out some cute examples here so you know what I am talking about. I wish we would have done this back when I was in school. It shows you put some thought into it, that you care, and that getting a "yes" is very important to you.

So...since Totally Retro Prom is coming up Friday May 30th at Giovanni's, I need to nail down my date.

I will admit this is not my most creative attempt, but I had limited time, and was trying to take pics of a baby who kept trying to eat my signs. Although, I knew it would get a smile from my husband since he is already totally wrapped around our daughter's finger. I took these pics and texted them to Spencer while he was at work.

I still have not received my answer. Better get your tickets to Totally Retro Prom today to see if I am going stag. It's gonna be totally rad, dude!