I went up north to Northern Wisconsin and The UP for a long weekend a few weeks ago and while driving through the state of Wisconsin, I was pleasantly surprised to find nary a pothole, anywhere. Upon traveling back to Illinois, within two minutes of crossing the border, ...BANG!...a Pothole. Welcome to Illinois! I let out a few choice words, of course. I mentioned to a friend I was traveling with that "Illinois has the worst roads"! Well, I can now confirm the following.

A new report card on the condition of infrastructure in the United States gives Illinois roads a lousy "D+".

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According to the report issued by the American Society of Civil Engineers, about 73 percent of Illinois roads are in poor or mediocre condition. DUH! I would give Rockford roads a "F+'

The report says those bad roads cost Illinois drivers $2.4 billion a year in extra repairs and operating costs. Read the entire report HERE.

Do you agree, are Illinois Roads in bad shape? Have you seen worse?