Just when I thought Wednesday couldn't get more 'blah.'

Maybe it was the Full Moon or something but yesterday was just blah. Nothing terrible, I didn't break a bone or cause a car accident or anything, but things were just not going well.

Arguments turned into yelling, I spent hours working on something just to find out I spelled 'University' wrong and I tried running away the frustration after work and my shin splints got the best of me.

So, I decided it was an ice cream for dinner night.

I went to Target where I was going to buy my trusty Halo Top and I saw these new Breyers pints, which were like fifty cents cheaper.

When you're buying expensive protein ice cream that change can add up!

So I grabbed two pints and went home, where I was incredibly thankful that I bought two because I went to open up the, 'Butter Pecan,' and found this.

I know. Eww.

I mean, I could've pretended it was my hair and just ate it but I'd just washed my hair and it was in a clip and there was just no way at all that it was mine.

The spoon just couldn't go in the pint. That hair was frozen into that creamy goodness.

You know the phrase, 'icing on the cake?' I'm going to start replacing it with, 'hair in my ice cream.'

'My day wasn't too great to begin with and then that happened... it was really the hair in my ice cream.'

I'm hoping to try a hairless version of the 'Butter Pecan,' eventually, because the left side of it looked pretty good.

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