We're almost through the first week of Lent, and that means we have some strange stats to look up.

I'm not gonna go out there and say I'm the greatest Catholic in the world, I'm not, but I am super good at Lent. I like the feeling of accomplishing the "giving up stuff" because it makes me feel strong willed, which a lot of the times I don't feel. It also makes chocolate or ice cream taste so so so good at Easter.

This year I'm giving up Starbucks. I know, don't freak out, I'll be ok. I generally give up something food related like chocolate or desserts but Starbucks won out for me this year.

The map is organized by category, those states giving up alcohol, coffee, dating, food, Internet, sex, social media, sweets and other.

Where does IL fall? We fall in alcohol... but not all alcohol, we're mostly giving up wine.

Wine? Why wine? What did wine ever do for you? I'm positive I could give up wine for 40 days, but I'm also positive I would be sad, and I would have to give all my wine bottles to someone else so they weren't haunting me in my kitchen on my wine desk. Yep, me and my roommate have a wine desk.

Good luck Lenters!

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