According to the Chicago Tribune, after the president went "all out" to buy Burgers for the Clemson Tigers. Restaurant owner Nick Kokonas, of one of the top restaurants in the world, Alinea, has offered to buy the Clemson Tigers dinner. I will tell you this, It will cost a lot more than fast food. On the roster there are 67 players total. This meal will cost thousands of dollars.


Touted to be one of the best restaurants in the world, Alinea has a way of treating their customers like royalty. Superior service and amazing dishes to boot, the restaurant features a true one of a kind experience. But it comes with a hefty dinner bill.

If you want to dine at their special kitchen table prices start out around 385 bucks but you must pre-pay for a group of 6 which will set you back a whopping $2,310.00. Wine is extra as well. The weird thing is that you pay for your meal when you make the reservations. I had one friend book his dinner 6 months in advance due to a waiting list at the time.

I will say this, this is not some order your food and hey just put it in front of you kind of restaurant. Its a beautiful multi-course dinner using molecular gastronomy and an amazing take on food presentation. So if your hungry for the absolute best of the best and money is no object you really need to check out this experience.

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