In mere days, Army serviceman Michael Perkins will leave his tiny hometown of Johnstown, Ohio, to begin a year-long deployment in Iraq.

And, he’s pumped.

Of course, much of that enthusiasm is coming thanks to the events that occurred this past weekend, when the avid country music fan’s dreams came true.

He shotgunned a beer alongside Morgan Wallen.

“It was absolutely unreal,” Perkins tells Taste of Country. “I have been following [Wallen] for over a year. I have traveled all around the country to see him in concert. So to have the chance to do this with him was, I mean, it still gives me chills.”

The story behind this epic shotgun begins last Wednesday (Jan. 15) when Perkins and his best friend Tyler set out to catch four shows in a row on Wallen's Whiskey Glasses Roadshow tour. The very next day, on Thursday (Jan. 16), the two snagged a coveted meet and greet with the "Chasing You" hitmaker.

And immediately, Perkins and Wallen hit it off.

“I told Morgan how I was getting deployed at the end of the month, and how I would just love to shotgun a beer with him. He asked me if I would win," Perkins says with a laugh. "I told him that I wouldn’t want to smoke him at his own concert.”

Thursday night came and went, and then Friday night came and went.

"I mean, the guy is Morgan Wallen," Perkins says. "I could imagine he is so busy and stuff."

It wasn't until Saturday (Jan. 18) that the actual shotgunning took place after Wallen’s manager found Perkins in the crowd at the Cincinnati tour stop and brought him backstage.

He was handed two Bud Lights, and the rest is history.

“I was freaking out,” remembers Perkins. “It was just crazy that this guy that I have followed forever was shotgunning beers with me.”

Luckily, many in the crowd caught the special moment on video.

“It’s just so weird that someone this crazy popular was so humble and wanted someone like me to share the stage with him,” Perkins concludes. “I will never forget it.”

In addition to his own Whiskey Glasses Roadshow headlining run, Wallen is set to join Jason Aldean’s We Back Tour in 2020.

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