Great, there's another scam we need to be on the lookout for now.

According to the website How-To Geek, scammers are now sending text messages disguised as delivery notifications from FedEx or Amazon that include a link that will ask you to fill out a customer satisfaction survey and take advantage of a "free" award.

According to;

After you click on the link, you’re taken to an obviously-fake Amazon listing and asked to take a customer satisfaction survey. As a thank you for answering some questions, you’re given the opportunity to claim an “expensive” product for free as a reward.

Now it’s time to tell the spammer where you live and provide them with a credit card number. As you can see, the “reward” is free but you still need to pay a small shipping and handling fee.

The real scam resides in the fine print. By agreeing to pay the small shipping fee, you’re also signing up for a 14-day trial to the company that sells the scammy products. After the trial period, you will be billed $98.95 every month and sent a new supply of whatever item you claimed as a reward.

Obviously, the best way to avoid falling prey to these scammers is to NEVER click the link, delete the message immediately, and to block the sender's number.

So what if you really are expecting a package from FedEx or Amazon and there's a chance the text could be legit? This tweet from The Cyber may help clarify some questions for you, especially if you click on it and read some of the comments.


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