In Wisconsin, there is an organized group, Worldwide Predator Hunters (WWPH) with a mission of catching individuals who are preying on children and teens. The group has now made its way into Illinois, specifically Rockford.

The group consists of citizens, not trained law enforcement, but they do contact local law enforcement about their discoveries. These discoveries start with fake social media accounts leading to text conversations. When the person they are targeting begins revealing themself as a child predator, the group's next move is to meet the individual face-to-face. When WWPH confronts the "subject" they don't do it in a violent matter but more of a way to find out why this is happening.

Here's a video from their Facebook page.

Though WWPH contacts local law enforcement before the sting, some accept the tips, assist in the sting, or do nothing. Rockford Police, for example, encourages valuable tips instead of citizen actions, according to WTVO.

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