Mother's Day is now just a couple weeks away, so I think it's time we Moms take a moment to have some fun celebrating the craziness of our daily lives by taking a journey through our phone's photo album.

Being a parent is the best thing ever, but it also has it's moments. Great moments, frustrating moments, ridiculous moments, moments that make you want to cry, and at some point every Mom will feel all those moments, and then some, in one 24 hour day.

I recently came across a photo album on the Huffington Post's website that was called "Moms' Honest Parenting Selfies", and thought, "This is cute and makes me smile. I wonder what I could add to it?" So I decided to take a look through my own phone's photo album.

My daughter Ella is currently in a "Mommy, take my picture" phase, and these are the shenanigans she wants her pictures to consist of, and I love every single one of them.


What are your favorite "parent" pictures? Take a look on your phone, and send us your favorite in the comment section below, or on the Q98.5 Facebook page so we can celebrate and feature the daily craziness of great Rockford moms ahead of Mother's Day!