Here's two things I have learned in the last five years since I became a Mom: kids are expensive and ask for a lot of expensive toys for Christmas. If a Mom isn't prepared to go deal hunting during the holidays, then they are doing it WAY wrong.

Being a Mom is about making sacrifices right? We sacrifice our bodies, our sleep, our time, all to make sure our kids are happy and alive. We also have to force ourselves to do things we normally hate, and for me, that is Black Friday shopping.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE saving money and making my kids smile on Christmas morning, but I do not love the crowds or bad attitudes of people that voluntarily got up early to go Black Friday shopping.

To keep my sanity while trying to save money on the hottest toys my kids are begging for, I came up with some tips for surviving Black Friday shopping. I hope they will help you too...

  1. Go to right now and peruse the ads that are already available. Some stores have sales starting online the Monday before Thanksgiving. (I'm looking at you Kohl's)
  2. On Black Friday get up early, grab some coffee and your laptop or tablet. Put your feet up, get snuggly under a blanket, and type in or are also some good things to type in that search bar.
  3. If the deal you want to snag is only available in the store, send a friend or family member who actually enjoys the Black Friday craziness with a list and some cash to get it for you. Then bake some cookies or something to give them as a "thank you" when they drop your loot off.
  4. If you're physically doing the shopping, clip as many coupons beforehand as you can. If you don't need them all, they make great bargaining chips for scoring a better place in line.
  5. If you truly want to avoid the Black Friday craziness, just eat A LOT on Thanksgiving so you remain in a food coma until about Noon on Friday...and then pick up your phone, laptop, or tablet and get to shopping.

I do have one last BONUS TIP for you: While out shopping, make sure your phone is set to film videos in landscape at all times. Landscape videos look better on YouTube, and getting massive views on your video of the idiots out shopping could earn you major cash to use next year on Black Friday.

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