A mother tried to teach her son a lesson but it was a bad idea and got her arrested.

There was a sketch on Saturday Night Live several years ago called "Bad Idea Jeans." It was one of their fake commercials. Basically, it was an ad for jeans with a group of friends talking about things they've done but all of them where bad ideas.

If you've never seen it, check it out HERE.

That became an inside joke between my friends and I. When someone did something stupid, we would say they were wearing their "Bad Idea Jeans."

Well, I think this mother was wearing her "Bad Idea Jeans" during this incident.

According to abc7chicago.com,

"A Kentucky woman charged with drunken driving told police she did it "to teach her son a lesson."

She chugged a bunch of beer and was caught driving 150mph.

Officers couldn't figure out what the lesson actually was.

The son was scared and tried to exit the vehicle but his mom had him locked in.

Her blood alcohol content was twice the legal limit at 0.161.

This "mother of the year" was arrested for "endangering the welfare of a minor."


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