Sorry, I had to get that off my chest before anything else. If you're planning on getting an extravagant gift or just something small, DON'T FORGET THE CARD! It will mean more to her than anything else. But let's be honest, your mom deserves to be spoiled. So let's talk about what to get her.

Market Watch details -

The National Retail Federation estimates that this year Americans celebrating the holiday will spend an average of $196 apiece, compared with $180 in 2018. But often times, that money goes to waste, with plenty of moms lamenting online about gifts gone wrong.

So what should we get? Well I know not everyone has almost $200 to spend, so here are 5 things you can get for mom that cost less than $20 that she's guaranteed to love according to Market Watch.

  1. One of those "Things I love about you" books: You know those ones you see at the bookstore where you can fill out the pages? That's a sure fire win.
  2. Succulents: Flowers are so 2018. Get her a little garden of succulents that will last until next Mother's Day.
  3. A Jewelry Dish: You see these all over, the small ceramic trays for jewelry. Find one with a sweet message you think will make her smile every day.
  4. A Cozy Blanket: Really, cozy anything! Blankets, socks, sweaters, whatever will make her feel like she's wrapping herself in a hug.
  5. An aromatherapy Machine: You know you stress her out, so help her relax with her favorite scents and smells.

And don't forget the card!

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