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It's still hard to make sense of what happened at Don Carter Lanes a few nights ago. The mother of the 14 year old boy that was shot, is dealing with her own medical issues and now this.

From WIFR Diane Wynn is the mother of Printess Wynn, one of six people shot on December 26th at Don Carter Lanes. Diane was in a serious car accident weeks ago, and has been unable to return to work. Now, Diane has the struggle of paying to medical bills for her son that was shot in the face. Here is what Diane said about the situation on her Go Fund Me page.

By the grace of god he’s still living  and is in
stable condition.

Unfortunately ,he was shot in his face which
will cause him to under go a series of very
extensive and expensive surgeries.

I myself was in a severe car accident just
weeks ago which I am unable to return to

I am in no condition to drive back and forth to the hospital, nor am I in any financial condition to pay for transportation. 

I need help so I am able to care for him. I need help with medical appointments and therapy. - Diane Wynn 

Here is the link Printess Wynn GoFundMe where you can go and help the family out financially.

Let's help out, Eagle listeners...there's a community member that needs us.

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