There's no arguing how polite, respectful, and generous the Pitney family is. This past weekend proved that statement true, once again, after an event at Memorial Hall in downtown Rockford.

The Perry Pitney Memorial Festival happens every year to honor Perry Pitney, who was serving as Executive Director of Rockford Rescue, before his untimely death in June of 2005.The event is also a fundraiser for Rockford Rescue Mission - which was started by the Pitney family.

The event was headlined by Mo Pitney and like most of Mo's shows featured his family. Mo's sister and brother accompanied him on stage (as they do with all of his concerts) and kicked off by his cousin, Luke Pitney - son of Perry Pitney.

The Perry Pitney Memorial Festival was attended by almost 400 people and raised $15,000. Luke Pitney shared thanks and appreciation on Instagram after the show.

It left me speechless and was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever been fortunate enough to take part in.


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