Mo Pitney's still real country, but he's not trying as hard to prove it with "Ain't Bad for a Good Ol' Boy," his finest single to date. The production on this timeless country lyric lets Mo be Mo.

Pitney's work ethic and dedication to a simple life shine across a track that's not quite as simple — and certainly not as shy — as songs on his debut album, Behind This Guitar. The 27-year-old has always seemed to be sure of who he is, but now married with a family, he's confident enough to show a little swagger. Steel guitar screams after the bridge. The big choruses of "Ain't Bad for a Good Ol' Boy" are more energetic than anything he's offered country radio previously, and with some help, he'll score his biggest hit to date. He leans into the song this time and that's exciting.

It's right down Country Main St. Pitney plays a blue-collar guy clocking in to feed his family. Many of the familiar boxes get checked early (old truck, bird dog, a good woman's love), but it works because they work when it's real, and it's hard to argue he's anything but this hands-on kind of guy.

Did You Know?: “Ain’t Bad for a Good Ol’ Boy” was written by Pitney with songwriting veterans Phil O’Donnell and Trent Willmon.

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Mo Pitney, "Ain't Bad for a Good Ol' Boy" Lyrics:

I ain’t the product of a trust fund / As far as money goes I ain’t got much / But I trade my time in the hot sun / For enough to get me by / My pickup’s old and rusty / She rattles and stays dusty / When Emily’s there beside me / It shines, shines, shines.

We got a roof to keep the rain off / Mailbox to write our name on / A 10-acre lot with a little bird dog on the front porch, guarding that screen door / Bacon in the pan, cakes on the griddle / Hand in hand, right down the middle / Life with a girl in love that’s the real McCoy / Ain’t bad for a good ol’ boy.

She’s grace in holy bluejeans / With a face made for the movies / Yeah she beats all I ever dream every time she wakes me up / She’s got a way of making something out of a whole lot of nothing / The honey in her loving is like money in my cup.

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Chorus

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