Good news the elderly Rockford Man who was reported missing Monday has been found!

WREX reports that the Rockford Police Department located the 86 year old man with Alzheimer's,  Manuel Zarate, at "3:30 a.m. on a curb near South Main Street and Marchesano Road. Officers and paramedics took Zarate back home to be in the care of his family."

Wow! That had to have been a scary time for the family. I'm so glad he was found and he was ok.

Alzheimer's is a nasty disease that robs a persons mind, I watched my grandmother go through that and it was a awful to see her deteriorate to the point that she only could recognize my Dad.

I had to  stop visiting her because I was like a stranger to her and it was pointless to keep telling her who I was and she even became agitated not remembering.

I feel for this family and all that they're going through right now.