Were you awake enough this week to play along with us?

If you happen to miss any of the Morning Perk questions this week, here they are along with the answers and the lucky contestants who won.

Don’t forget, we play each weekday morning around 6:40.

Wake Up Crew Morning Perk Trivia (Week of 11/14-11/18)

Monday: According to an Employers.com survey, 19% of bosses would be willing to allow workers to do this on the job. What is it?

Answer: Use medical marijuana

Winner: Bill of South Beloit

Tuesday: According to a new survey of more than 1000 women, about one in four "usually" or "always" carry one of these "just in case". What is it?

Answer: A spare pair of shoes.

Winner: Deb of Stillman Valley

Wednesday: 14 % of women and 6% of guys say they've done this in the bathroom at work. What have they done?

Answer: Cried

Winner: Maggie of Rochelle

Thursday: The average resident of India does this for 10 hours and 42 minutes per week--that's the longest of any country in the world. What is it?

Answer:  Reading

Winner: Mike of Rochelle

Friday: Folks in need of help with a specific issue will be able to do this via text for the first time this year, starting today. What is it?

Answer: Contact the Butterball Hotline with questions.

Winner: Anita of Rockford

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