Zach Miller has signed a new one-year deal with the Bears per ESPN. But, before we get too excited, his playing career is still in jeopardy. Miller suffered a dislocated knee and a torn popliteal artery catching a touchdown pass against the New Orleans Saints. He was lost for the season and the touchdown was lost after further review. A double ouch indeed.

You knew the injury wasn’t good but it turned out way worse once he was rushed to University Medical Center in New Orleans. Had it not been for the quick actions of Bears doctors and trainers along with the hospital staff, Miller would’ve lost his leg completely. Miller is still rehabbing at Halas Hall.

Honestly, as far as business decisions go this probably isn’t the best. Odds are he will never play again. At least to the standard we need and are accustomed too. But, I couldn’t be happier to see this update. Miller was an outstanding player and is an amazing human being. You don’t see a lot of “good deed” deals in pro sports and especially in the NFL. I am truly pulling for this man to return to the team but I’d rather see him healthy.

An injury like this, if he continued to play, could ultimately ruin a future of playing with his kids. My cousin played offensive line for Boston College and would’ve been a guaranteed Draft Pick the year he graduated, but doctors said it could ruin any future he had of playing with his kids (if he had any) in the future. So, he respectfully declined playing in the NFL. Sometimes you just have to put your health first.

No matter how this turns out, I applaud the way the Bears handled it. They could’ve cut him and cast him out like useless garbage, but they didn’t. They honored him as a Bear in a time of need and showed compassion as human beings instead of treating him like a statistic.

Here are some twitter reactions regarding today’s deal:

As you can see, most people like the move, but that's not how everyone is reacting. No need to show their comments though. They're just being mean and I ain't got no time for that! Congrats Zach. We hope to see you out there again, but if not, I am proud to call myself a Bears fan after seeing how they treated you. #TrueClass

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