Injuries are forcing a Chicago legend into retirement. 

I saw this tweet from Jay Zawaski this morning and didn't think much of it.

It was probably because I didn't know what LTIR meant. Turns out it means long term injury reserve. It's not a good list to be on. The 15-year vet then announced shortly after that he would be hanging up the cleats.

You can read the whole press release on the Blackhawks website here.

It's just three paragraphs. He spends the first one explaining why he made the decision. Basically, he's been in the league for 15 years and injuries are making it too difficult on himself and his family to continue.

He spent the next paragraph thanking the only team he ever played for. That is one of the amazing things about his career. It is rare for an athlete in any sport to spend their entire career with one organization.

The third is one I want to share. It's where he thanked the fans.

Lastly, to the great fans of the Chicago Blackhawks, thank you. I csacrificed everything for this team in our quest to lift three Stanley Cups and gave it everything I had for you. I couldn't have asked for a better fan base to play for. You, more than anyone, kept me honest and always pushed me to be better - while also cheering me as your All-Star and Champion...My family and I will be forever grateful for your love and support and I look forward to always having a special connection with you the fans.

Seabrook, always candid in his interaction with the media addressed them today.

Now the discussion of retiring his number will happen all around Blackhawk circles. I'm not nearly enough of a fan to chime in. His resume is, however, wonderful.


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